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Life is too short for bad tea! Don't you agree? If so, come visit us and enjoy life with our highest quality tea specialties. You can find us right in downtown Victoria.

Our Story

Loyaltea originated in Vancouver Island and is family owned. We specialize in handcrafted drinks and fresh teas that are brewed from loose leaf and espresso tea machines. Our fruit drinks are strictly made with real fruits processed on-site.  Each drink is customizable to your desire with a selection of over 10+ toppings that can be added in. 

We have an obsessive pursuit of fine craftsmanship. Our versatile staff are trained to acquire a vast understanding of fruit management, precision of knife handling and operating blenders to create the ideal drink for each guest with swift service.

There is nothing secretive about our ingredients and management which is reflected in our low countertops and transparency. We do not use artificial preservatives nor additives in our drinks. Each drink is made with fruit freshly cut and tailored to each person’s taste and preference. If you have any dietary concerns, tell our bartender and they will make the drink the way you want.

Explore Loyaltea of Victoria

Our 1,300-square-foot space can comfortably accommodate 28 guests in a minimalistic and clean interior. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, customers will be greeted with a reclaimed wood wall, ceiling, floating table, and a neon sign that says “Sip in style”—it’s a spot that’s truly photo-worthy.
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1609 Douglast Street

Victoria, BC, V8W 2G5