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Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things !

It's not a tea, it's a refreshing burst

Our specialists will help you find the right coffee or tea solution for your needs – Caffeine comes easy around Loyaltea; So do natural herbal solutions to keep you focused and functioning in tip top condition.


Our 1,300-square-foot space can comfortably accommodate 28 guests in a minimalistic and clean interior. Inspired by Japanese minimalism, customers will be greeted with a reclaimed wood wall, ceiling, floating table, and a hand painted god ! really—it’s a spot that’s truly photo-worthy.
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Want to dig deeper into what makes each tea category unique?

100% organic, our lovely teas content only naturally grown ingredients and taste.
Try them all, cherished by warming sun and wind.

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1609 Douglas St, Victoria, BC

V8W 2G5, Canada